Apply Section


    • You (whether company, team, individual) have developed technology that you believe will improve the quality of life of seniors.
    • Your technology is functional but needs a chance for real-world deployment, testing and relevant feedback from target consumers and business customers.
    • You are working to commercialize the technology within the next twelve months with the hope of having broad, positive impact (quality of life; profitability; job creation; community engagement).
    • You have not yet sold your technology or have sold very little (<$100K).
    • You will benefit from strategic mentoring on team, product design and use feedback, launch, market, joint ventures, and investor strategy.



    • Explain why you qualify under the above criteria in the text boxes provided.
    • Provide 2-page executive summary with information on product, team, launch strategy, market/sales strategy, and business model.
    • Complete all above requirements no later than October 31, 2013.
    • AgePower will evaluate and select up to 12 technology teams to present 15-minute live demo on product and business.  To participate in this round, you must agree to participate in the program if chosen.
    • Following the demo, AgePower will select the four teams/technologies that will participate in the 6-month pilot/test process.
    • You will sign an agreement with AgePower with basic terms.


    Application Form:

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    Explain in 140 words why you and your project meet the qualifications listed above :

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